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Mythical Dreamtime
Phantoms engulf my very soul,
Eldritch fog that twists, twines and wreaths the creeping, crouching boulders
possessed by the wind I become part of this eerie tableaux
And the mountain is I.
Reluctant feet walk me away from the heartland of the summit
The fog spirits follow,
Hissing and Swirling,
until the mighty sun brandishes his great spear
And they are banished back to their cage.
The phantoms, wind and fog leaves me empty.
The elegant greens, browns and blue flowers that embroider the forest carpet and frame the flowing water that cascades, free as unbound hair confirms only to mortal strictures, expectations of beauty
The summit calls
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The way I think of you,
stretched against me.
Skin to Skin
in a pleasurable daydream
Of possession and other such
Terms of endearment
This statement of intent
Invades my dreams, my body
Being taken over...surrendering
was never meant to be desired...
I am not not what I should be
Not what I appear.
On the surface
I have no desire
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Mature content
Razor :iconmelliyna:melliyna 0 0
Poetry Collection
Rigid, grey devoid of life
Bushes cling to frowning hills
Sombre sentinels peering down
Lonely wonders
Seen to be believed
Down in the undergrowth
Bursting with colour
Pieces of Elvendom in this grey twilight
Long lost glimpse of the world we lost
Clinging to existence through the centuries.
Relieve the humidity
Light thick
Blue pools filled to brim
Tropics morning
Feel the pressure of the light
Brown skinned hunks ogled by white tours
On show
Moisture on the bottles
Brollies peek from bright drinks
Thick green fronds provide shelter
From thickness to the light of the tropics night.
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Celyrnn Isles
I know the ancient mysteries
Of the oak, ash and green grove
I know the wisdom of the stars
Oh Isles of homeland,
Isles of my soul
Forever does my heart reside
Upon your shores
My heart is in the forest,
The sea, the earth and the plain
My heart in the Isles
I know the ways of mystery
I know the land and sea
I know the soul of Celyrnn
And I will always return
Where ever I go,
Wither I wander
Far from my land
I will keep the ancient mysteries
I will keep to the Isle
I have been cruelly used
I have been hurt beyond compare
But I shall keep to the Isles,
The land and the sea
The ancient mysteries
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Poetry Piece
The way…
It snakes in dusty grey lines,
Past gums, wire and dry tears
Of a sky long forgotten by rain
The way…
Bitumen, tipped burning hot
On dirt and rock
This, the mark of modern nations
The way…
CD player blares from the tin shell
A car, screaming its way forward
In a never ending procession
The way…
Hours stretch along the road
And, dust, dust is everywhere
And the world blurs
The way…
Running forward, backward
In the hurry to get from A to B
The way is open now
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A New Dhillarearen
⋧A New Dhillarearën⋦
My name is Lyn. Actually, my full title is: Edilyn of the Schools of Pellinor and Lirigon. I hardly ever use it, since it seems like rubbing it in to others that I am a Dhillarearën¸ a Bard of Edil-Amarandh. Though I don't flaunt it as some my age might, I am proud of my Bardic heritage.
My mother is the First Bard of the School of Pellinor. She was born here, nearly sixty years ago (which is really nothing to a Bard) just before the fall of Pellinor, during which a dark Bard named Enkil killed her father, Dorn, and destroyed the School. He sold my mother and hers into slavery in a place called Gilman's Cot, and left her brother in an orphanage in Annar.
When she was just a little younger than I now am, my father accidentally stumbled onto her as he was fleeing an Elidhu called the Landrost. He did not know she was a Bard, but was impressed that she could see through his glimmerspell. He says that even though he should have been unseen, she saw
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I'm writing in here because I've already spammed LJ enough and my brain is not in a sleeping mood right now so I'm mucking about on the computer and checking the BBC News site on the US Election. (and also randomly reading fic).

Plus worrying about whether I've lost everything on my USB drive (including all of the latest draft of the Novel of Doom. If it won't work I'm praying that I might be able to pay someone to retrieve everything).
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